Thoughts, inspiration, and daily family life from someone still trying to figure it out

Mercy and healing can be best experienced through community, and by doing what you love. Join me as I write to heal, to inspire, to create community, but also to humor, to share family activities, and to just have fun

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I am battling with severe disappointment right now. I applied for my dream job with my dream organization, one that recruits and serves foster families. I got selected for an interview, and I waited, poised and ready, for a HALF HOUR past my Zoom interview time waiting for the host to join in. I finallyContinue reading “Disappointment”

Merry Christmas?

Anyone else just plain tired? Tired of breaking up kid’s squabbles, tired of cleaning, tired of cooking, tired of waiting for answers to medical issues, tired of waiting for that promotion at work, tired of waiting for someone to call offering an interview, tired of gift shopping and gift wrapping, tired of being everything toContinue reading “Merry Christmas?”

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